About me

About me

Lives: Phuket, Thailand
Nationality: Australian

I am currently living in the land of spirits, simplicity and color, which is a great inspiration.  After studying photography, fashion design, a very short stint of studying journalism and owning restaurants for too many years, I have recreated my life's direction.  I am now taking the time to really see and celebrate what is around me with a fresh childlike wonder and perspective.

My lust for travel and meeting people gives me opportunities to record vistas in a different light and to capture fleeting expressions of humanity caught in the throes of daily life.  Combine this with a love of food and wine and I am on a constant cultural journey through the lens of my camera.

I sometimes play with the images to manipulate them into a fantasy representation, whether it is by exaggerated colors or definition.  I like to take something ordinary and lift it above that initial conception with a bit of imagination. I relish defining a small detail of no real consequence, and making it a focal point, from taking the photograph to spending hours manipulating it. This has become a passion that resonates with each detailed discovery I unearth when the image is blown up on the texture of canvas.

Writing has always been another love of mine.  I have found the perfect blend in the form of photographic essays to display both the visual and the emotive travel journey, creating vivid colorful pictures and writing in a tapestry to be splashed upon a website or in printed media and this is now my specialty.   I freelance on numerous independent websites, apart from my own under the name of Little Brown Gypsy (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

For any enquiries or special assignment requests please contact me.

Freelance Travel Writer/Blogger/Photographer

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • thank you for the superb photos

    Dear Gail,

    I would like to thank you  again for the superb photos you have taken of the Legend Chiang Rai sometimes ago. You did exactly what we needed and the Shots great and of very good quality. Many are now used on our website as well as on our Promotion CD etc. It was fabulous to work with you as you have a lot of creative ideas and did a lot of work independently  without us needing to tell you every step. We shall recommend you to other Hotels and people who might need such service. We wish you all the best in the future and much success.

    Marc H. Dumur

    an exquisite eye for beauty I had the privilege to work with Gail Palethorpe during my time as General Manager at Paradise Koh Yao Noi...she has an exquisite eye for beauty, styles the shot in a way like no other I have worked with & her unique signature "pop art" style attracts immediate interest whether its in villa artworks, exhibitions in the resort environment, cultural festivals & special events...she really captures the essence of her subject matter to make one truly feel something... which is after all the objective of photography!

    Nadine Oliver